Bering Pacific Seafoods, headline

APL Barge loading product at Bering Pacific Seafoods, False Pass, AK

Bering Pacific Seafoods, LLC
: BPS was incorporated in 2000 and started processing salmon in False Pass on a floating processor called the Dipper. In 2008, the present shore plant was built. BPS processes the highest quality wild salmon from both the Bering Sea and the northern Gulf of Alaska. BPS is a subsidiary of APICDA Joint Ventures. To find out more about BPS and APICDA, please go to: APICDA

Contact Information:

Plant Manager
Bering Pacific Seafoods, LLC
P.O. Box 87
False Pass, Alaska 99583

Phone: 907-548-2350
Cell: 907-717-5771
FAX: 907-548-2352
VHF: Channel 6

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Ellen Krsnak, Director Communications & Media, APICDA